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I’m constantly looking for travel writers to help out with content on, so if you’re interested in writing a guest post, read on…

Why should you write for this travel blog?

  • Show off your writing skills
  • Tell people about a trip or experience you’ve had
  • Get a link back to your own site in return
  • Content will be published within 72 hours

What are the guidelines?

  • No duplicate or stolen content
  • Don’t link to porn sites
  • Please write in English
  • Use a minimum of 500 words – give your article some substance rather than just writing purely for a link
  • Make it travel related – there’s no use talking about something totally irrelevant – so keep it on topic please!

What sort of content should you provide?

  • Something Unique – your own travel experiences
  • A guide to a particular resort/destination
  • Tips/advice for enjoying a holiday on the cheap/avoid getting ripped off
  • 10 things you love/hate about a place
  • Food from a particular country
  • Strange/unusual hotels you’ve stayed in
  • Anything that’s not already been done 100 times over!

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