Scarborough, England: A Great Yorkshire Holiday Town

The town of Scarborough is an attractive destination along the coastal region of North Yorkshire. It has long been a top beach holiday spot thanks to the sandy shorelines and the mineral spa for which it is famed. It is popular among travellers from Great Britain and indeed from around the world who want to relax on a beautiful beach, explore historical landmarks and enjoy exciting day trips around the region. Whether you are planning a romantic holiday for a couple or a fun family vacation, Scarborough is the perfect spot. Read on for more information on the top attractions in the town as well as dining, shopping and accommodation options. To travel further afield, to see the Yorkshire Dales and other local attractions visit here for a range of car hire options.

Scarborough Castle

This Iron Age structure has a history stretching back for more than two thousand years. Today, Scarborough Castle is the most popular tourism attraction in the entire coastal town. The whole settlement can be toured for a chance to better understand the history and heritage of this unique area. For some memorable refreshments, be sure to stop by the Master Gunner’s House for a traditional English tea. Don’t forget to take pictures from the castle of the incredible coastline below. Admission to the castle is £4.90 for adults and £2.90 for children.

A view of Scarborough Castle.

A view of Scarborough Castle.

Anne Bronte’s Grave

Lovers of English literature will not want to miss the final resting place of the famed author Anne Bronte. Bronte penned the famous tome Jane Eyre along with several other important pieces throughout her career before dying in 1848 in Scarborough. Her grave is found at St. Mary’s Church. There are no costs associated with visiting Anne Bronte’s grave and it is worthwhile to take a look in the interior of the church as well to enjoy the art and architecture.

Scarborough Fair Collection

This impressive museum is actually a completely private collection owned by local resident Graham Atkinson. The collection boasts vintage fairground rides, steam engines, classic cars and hundreds of additional pieces worth exploring. Some of the fairground rides are still in working order and available for children to ride and enjoy. Admission for adults is £5 while children and seniors pay £3. If time permits, stay for a traditional tea served in vintage china. The Scarborough Fair Collection is located in the Lebberston Cliff district of the town and is easily accessible from local guesthouses, inns and private English apartments available for rent.

The Iron Maiden, one of the exhibits at the Scarborough Fair Collection.

The Iron Maiden, one of the exhibits at the Scarborough Fair Collection.

Water Chute and Boating Lake

Children will absolutely love the incredible and historic water chute in Scarborough that has been in operation since 1932. The ride itself is thrilling and the price is just £2 for two separate rides down the chute. While you’re there, take a boat out for a spin on the lake or relax on the shore with a drink and a meal at the lovely restaurants. Boat rides are £3.50 for a half day rental and can fit two people at a time.

Dining and Shopping in Scarborough

As a popular resort destination in Yorkshire, Scarborough has plenty of wonderful dining and shopping opportunities available to visitors. The harbour and the fish quay are both home to a number of traditional English seaside establishments. Enjoy a hot tea or coffee during the cooler months or a refreshing ice cream during the summer. Fish and chips are the perfect simple seaside meal, but there are also a few upscale restaurants along the harbour serving up classic luxury teas or even an elaborate Italian meal.


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