Keeping Your Hotel Updated and Your Prices Low

It’s not easy managing a small boutique hotel. Your potential customers are always looking for the cheapest prices and comparing your humble abode to 5-start hotels while they are at it. You need to balance offering the best, most comfortable accommodations with the most attractive prices.


To really attract a steady stream of customers, positive online reviews are the most important thing to secure. You can only get positive online reviews if you’ve satisfied your customers regularly. Nine times out of ten, those customers will be satisfied or disgusted with your establishment based on the décor.

It’s extremely important to furnish your hotel well if you want to make a great impression on a guest. As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” When a guest walks in your front doors, they will judge your establishment based on its appearance. Even before they walk in those front doors, they will judge the doors themselves!

But how do you keep your hotel looking beautiful all of the time, yet spend less money? It’s a question countless hoteliers have and a seemingly endless puzzle to work with. By now, you’ve certainly gone shopping at Wickes to help with repairs and remodeling. You’re likely well acquainted with the staff at your local store.

But do you realize that you’re also paying an inflated price when you shop at a store in person? If you’d take the same amount of time you spend driving to and from a Wickes store and check out their online store instead, you’ll realize prices are much cheaper. It’s imperative that you find every avenue to cut expenses while remodeling- even though you never want to sacrifice quality.

Another great way to save money while retaining the same great quality is to use new Groupon Discount Codes on your Wickes purchases. These codes will help you save tons of money. That money that you invest into your hotel will certainly come back to you and then some. The lasting impression you leave on your customers will be transferred to their friends and family who will certainly look you up next time they are in your town.

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