Exploring the Iconic Art Attractions of London

Are you travelling to London to explore its iconic theatres and rich libraries? Art, books and theatre lovers are in for a treat, since London is the destination that has a wide range of public libraries, museums, theatres and many other cultural and historic buildings in the traditional Victorian and Edwardian styles. Moreover, CityofLondon.gov.uk reports that apart from libraries dedicated to art, literature, economics and history, there is also the City Business Library that claims to help young business aspirants boost their business intellect and career. It is clear that a visit to London is sure to be enriching, informative and will leave you having learnt something new. A good idea for tourists is to stay at a budget & cheap hotel in Central London that is in close proximity to easy transit options. A budget & cheap hotel near Kings Cross in Central London will allow you to save time travelling to the popular libraries, theatres and museums that are mostly located in the vicinity.

Popular Libraries to Visit in London

While the list of libraries is extensive in London, a great idea would be to make your first stop at the British Library. You can either take the tube to Kings Cross, or decide to stay at hotels near the British Library, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London, to stay within easy reach of most of the popular places of interest in the city. The sheer scale of the mammoth British Library is worth marvelling at and enough cannot be said about the wide range of timeless exhibits that showcase both British and global history and events.

Another great option is the National Art Library that is sure to be a hit with all art lovers from around the world. Complete with fine and decorative art works of famous artists from around the world, this building has some of the best public artwork exhibits in London. With over a million items on display, the wide variety of subjects covered here include drawings, photographs, paintings, prints, fashion, dress, textile, woodwork, furniture, glasswork, ceramics, sculptures and other crafts from England, several Asian countries and Western Europe.

Theatres to Visit in London

While in the city, theatre lovers cannot afford to miss Theatre land, located in the main city district, with close to forty different venues located towards the West End of Central London. Tourists with a keen interest in theatre and film will find it extremely convenient to stay at a hotel near Theatre land in London, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London. By staying close to Theatre land, you can save time and conveniently visit Oxford Street in the north, The Strand in the south, Regent Street in the west and Kingsway in the east, all of which still reflect aspects of the late Victorian and Edwardian era. This epic destination hosts a horde of events, ranging from plays, musicals, comedy acts, opera, classical acts, dance and ballet, and several other such theatrical events. You are sure to have an enriching and rejuvenating experience by visiting Theatre land in London.

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