Buenos Aires blends the Gaucho’s traditions with the culture brought by the migrations of the last century. The result is not less than a chaotic and passionate Tango-like society, which loves talking for hours –the topic doesn´t really matter – around the table in a Café, a BAR, or a Parrilla porteña. 

The visitors can experience this amazing city through an uncountable pool of activities; from exploring the faces of its eclectic architecture, to scoring a goal in one of the most vibrant stadiums in the world. Let this place fill your backpack with memorable encounters, and get inspired with some travel ideas for Buenos Aires day tours:

Buenos Aires day tours & activities: Tango

There is no doubt that Tango played an important role during the first half of the last century, and the reminiscences of this romantic dance are still present today, in the many Milongas and Cafés of Buenos Aires.

You can start your afternoon with some tango lessons, which are useful if you want to get a glimpse of this mythical atmosphere, and to learn the basic steps of the dance.  Then, if you feel like it, you can continue your day with a visit of one of the iconic “milongas”, which are the places where the locals gather to dance. Milongas can take place in very different settings: in stylish historical buildings, or in less fancy –but classic- dancing studios.

Finish your day with a delicious dinner –and the best wine- while watching a Tango Show with professionals performing on stage, dressed with the traditional formal clothes.

Buenos Aires day tours & activities: Food and Wine

Italians and Spaniards are not the only ones who influenced the Argentinean cuisine: the old Pampa’s tradition-the native roots of the north-and other European/Middle East countries have also played a role in what  has become the local gastronomy.

Buenos Aires has been recognized Ibero-American capital of Gastronomy 2017, and there are plenty of Buenos Aires day tours (or activities) that can help you discover the different aspects of the local cuisine: exploring the parillas, taking cooking lessons or enjoying the vegetarian options.

The most specialties include the “Asado” (BBQ) with different meat cuts, “Empanadas”, “Dulce de Leche” (Argentina’s caramel), “Alfajores” (a traditional desert made of two cookies and dulce de leche), Pizza, Pasta, and the greatest Malbec of the world. It is also important to put a special emphasis on the ‘Mate’: an infusion that symbolizes the social union of the Argentine people. 

Buenos Aires day tours & activities: The City. 

Walking tours, bike tours, classic or thematic city tours… Buenos Aires offers possibilities for everyone. More often than not, these activities are located around the most iconic neighborhoods: 

Plaza de Mayo with its political and historical background, San Telmo (the oldest residential district), with its classic open market,  La Boca, its Stadium and colorful houses,  Puerto Madero and its docks with fancy restaurants, Retiro,  Palermo and all its sub-quarters, Recoleta with its cemetery and beautiful French style buildings.

Buenos Aires day tours & activities: San Antonio de Areco

This village, located one hour and a half from Buenos Aires, gathers the traditional heritage of the old pampas towns: Gauchos, horses, and lots of customs.

You can witness the inheritance of the Gauchos everywhere, not only in the museums and silversmith houses, but also in the daily life ofthe locals. Drinking a “Ginebra” at a classic Pulpería, or attending a festival at the Parque Criollo, are some of the activities that you can enjoy in the wonderful village.

Buenos Aires day tours & activities: POLO in an Epic Estancia

It is well known that horses are part of the Argentinean history, and Polo comes with it. This sport reflects the lifestyle of the high society.  You can spend one of your days in Buenos Aires visiting one of the most sophisticated Estancias, learning some Polo techniques, and enjoying a day among the elite.

The list of Buenos Aires day tours & activities does not stop here, there are plenty of other things you can do; for example navigating on the Delta Tigre, cheering up at a Stadium derby game, etc. This city will definitely find its way to your heart.

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