5 Hacks for Saving Real Money on Hotel Bookings

Whether an individual needs to travel for business or leisure, he always tries to look for ways to save on hotel rooms booking. There are numerous ways by which you can easily save when booking rooms during a holiday or an unsponsored business trip.

Here are some ways through which you can save on hotel room bookings:


Making An Advance Booking

This is one way which is most widely used by people around the world for saving money when booking rooms in a hotel. There are several hotels that offer discounts when a customer books days in advance, and the same discount increases if the booking is made even earlier. Such advance bookings often come with a rider that might be something like the “the booking cannot be cancelled” or “the full payment is charged right away.” Sites like booking.com have good advanced rates from a huge selection of hotels.

Getting Referrals from Friends and Family

Another easy way to save money on hotel room booking is through discussing one’s travel plans with family and friends, as they might be able to refer some good and economical hotel where one can get a discount on booking. At the same time, a family member or friend might turn out to be a member of any hotel group, and could help with their membership facilities and discounts.

Try for Corporate Rates

A lot of hotels around the globe are known to offer great deals for corporate travellers. These hotels provide tremendous discounts to people who get the booking done in the name of a company. Such discounts might range from 5 % to 20 %. Therefore, opting for hotels that offer corporate deals is ideal when travelling on business.

Start a “Dummy” Price War between Two Neighbouring Hotels

No hotel would like to lose a customer to a neighbouring competitive hotel. One can book rooms in a hotel where the payment is refundable and then call up another hotel in the locality to check what rates they are offering. While checking the price, one can smartly let the other hotel know the rate that is being provided by the other hotel. This strategy might work in the customer’s favour and one can end up getting a good discounted rate.

Using 3rd Party Websites like Deal Zippy

There are several websites available today where one can find great travel deals along with discounts on hotel booking. One of them is www.dealzippy.co.uk. On this website, travellers are provided with good rates along with great offers and discounts. One can go ahead and check this page to get an idea about the kind of discounts that they can get on their hotel room booking.

Hence, the next time one makes plans to go on a business tour or even a leisure trip, whether they are travelling in a group or solo, there are several ways through which you can save money on hotel room bookings.


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